Hi, my name is Rolan,

My love for photography began in the mid 90’s while shooting photos of my friends skateboarding with an old Canon AE-1.  We would go out skating after school and on weekends where I would take action shots plus portraits using black and white film. I’d get so excited taking the film back to school to develop and print the photos in our media class darkroom. Nothing quite beats the feeling of creating an image and watching it slowly appear in the darkroom chemicals. What I enjoyed most was showing all of my friends the photos and giving them copies of the prints I had made. Just seeing how stoked they were receiving a photo I had taken was the best!

To this day when I am not working, I still shoot black and white film, which I develop and print in my own darkroom that I have built in the backyard.

Although I am shooting a lot more digital images these days, it is with this same passion I have for taking photos and giving that I decided to venture into wedding photography. I can’t imagine a better job than capturing these precious moments for you on one of the happiest days of your life.

My style of taking photos still remains as it did back then, simply aiming to document what happens around me as it unfolds in an unobtrusive, natural way.

I’m based in Melbourne, but I am available worldwide.

To find out more about me and the photos I take for fun, you can check out my personal blog here –

 La Vida De Rol